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& Grace

Selections from Lexington Poetry Month 2015

Edited by Christopher McCurry

Click for larger image & Grace is a 218-page collection of poems written and submitted by a diverse group of poets during the 2015 Lexington Poetry Month, in which participants were challenged to write at least one poem a day. Our favorite poems were selected from those submitted, and the result is an emotional, courageous, and sometimes funny poetry collection featuring the work of 141 authors.
What Others Say About & Grace
The voices in & Grace are voices of seekers. Sometimes these seekers find answers, other times they stumble upon more questions. Unquestionably, though, these poets find poems—urgent, wise, alive with spirit. And grace. This is my favorite Lexington Poetry Anthology so far.

– Katerina Stoykova-Klemer
Details and Ordering
Publication Date: April 20, 2016
Format: Softcover, 6" x 9"
Pages: 218
ISBN: 978-1-936628-42-1
Price: $18.00

Mary L Allen, Bobby Steve Baker, Whitney Baker, Eduardo Ballestero, Bianca Bargo, Jennifer Barricklow, Elizabeth Beck, Jennifer Beckett, Gaby Bedetti, Hannah Bishop, Don Boes, Dorothy Bouzouma, Colin Boyd, Maggie Brewer, Terre Brothers Johnson, Kari Burchfield, Joan Burke, Elizabeth Burton, Nora Burton, Linda Caldwell, Abigail Caldwell-Gatsos, Robert Campbell, Amy Camuglia, Joseph Camuglia, Brittany Castle, Karlee Caswell, Erin Chandler, Sherry Chandler, Lucia Cherciu, Sue Churchill Chuck Clenney, Rae Cobbs, Debbie Adams Cooper, Sean L Corbin, Tara Cremeans-Mounger, Heather Dent, Andrew Depew, Serena Devi, Bernie Deville, Julian DeVille, Laurel Dixon, MC DK, Mary Dusing, M J Eaton, Lynnell Edwards, hb elam, Poetessa Leixyl Kaye Emmerson, Stevie Farmer, Nettie Farris, K. Bruce Florence, Katrin Flores, Chloe Forsting, Sarah Freligh, Duke Gatsos, Michayla Gatsos, Karen George, Pauletta Hansel, Matthew Haughton, Jeffrey Helton, Amanda Holt, Kristy Robinson Horine, Leigh Anne Hornfeldt, Hap Houlihan, Alx Johns, Jiv Johnson, carole johnston, Amanda Kelley, Robert S. King, c.l. kirby, Michelle Knickerbocker, Zlatna Kostova, Jonathon La Mar, Jim Lally, Jude Lally, JD Lester, Lennart Lundh, George Ella Lyon, Patrick Maloney, Allie Marini (Batts), Erin Mathews, Jay McCoy, Christopher McCurry, Jude McPherson, Christopher Miller, Jason Lee Miller, Madison Miller, Joshua Moore, JW Mullins, Sue Neufarth Howard, Joseph Allen Nichols, Bronson O'Quinn, Pat Owen, ashley parker owens, Jeremy Paden, Rain E. Palmer, Tina Parker, Maya Pemble, LaTosha Pence, Cleo (Catherine Perkins), B.David Perry, Liz Prather, Dennis Preston, Melva Sue Priddy, Jordan Quinn, Delmar Reffett, Rona Roberts, Barbara Sabol, Jonel Sallee, Elizabeth Sands Wise, Douglas E. Self, Sofiah Sexton, Alex Simand, Vijay Singh, Savannah Sipple, Misty Skaggs, GA Smith, meadowdawn (Meadow Smith), Bianca Lynne Spriggs, Jennifer Standard, Keith Stewart, Unwit (Karah Stokes) Katerina Stoykova-Klemer, Victoria Sullivan, Jessica Swafford, J. L. Taylor, Rudy Thomas, Allison Thorpe, Alexis (Alexis Tipton), Beatrice Underwood-Sweet, Kendrick VanZant, Randall Walden, Luke Wallin, Valerie L. Wells, Jason Williams, K. Nicole Wilson, Harriet Windsor, J. Wise, EllePiggy (Elle Wong), Holly Wooten, T.D. Worthington, Aidan Ziliak
From the Introduction
The poems collected here do not seek to define or codify, include or exclude. They share a desire, maybe only tonally, to be heard. Through this, the collective voice of one hundred and forty one poets emerges … I know this sounds hyperbolic and sentimental, but spend some time with these poems, read them out loud; it will feel like praying.

—Christopher McCurry

The Lexington Poetry Month 2015 blog can be found at: accents-publishing.com/blog/lexpomo2015/2015-poets/
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