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2011 International Poetry Book Contest Results

Accents Publishing is proud to announce the results of its 2011 International Poetry Book Contest:

  • The Sounding Machine, by Patty Paine, was selected by judge Lisa Williams.
  • The Long View Just Keeps Treading Water, by James Doyle, was selected by Accents Publishing Senior Editor Katerina Stoykova-Klemer.

Both of these entries will be published as part of the Accents Publishing Full-Length World Poetry Series, and each author will receive a $500 prize.

There were many outstanding submissions this year. In addition to the winning manuscripts, Accents Publishing would like to recognize the following finalists with an honorable mention (in alphabetical order by title):

  • Alphabet of Bones, by Iris Jamahl Dunkle
  • Away, by Sharon Chmielarz
  • Echo Light, by Kate Gale
  • Frog Mantra, by Suchoon Mo
  • Large Reclining Nude, by Lois Marie Harrod
  • Match Cut, by Letitia Trent
  • Mirror Inside a Coffin, by Maureen Alsop
  • Sightsinger, by Muriel Nelson
  • So Much Obligation to Unlearn, by Katie Manning
  • The Importance of the Body, by Ruth Foley

Accents Publishing would like to thank everyone who submitted a manuscript to the contest and all who pre-ordered copies of the winning books. The books will be available in early 2012.

With Gratitude,
Katerina and the Accents Publishing Staff

Copyright © Accents Publishing 2011